Page Content Scraper

A little utility to scrape needed content from a page via ajax calls. Handy and better than having to go to the SA tool to grab what you need.

Before you begin, do you want to render raw HTML or parsed HTML? The default output is raw HTML.

Now just copy the below content into the admin tool! It's so easy!


About the Author

Michael Spellacy

Michael "Spell" Spellacy is the Director of Accessibility at TMP Worldwide. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him on Github or see what he is up to on his blog.


The TMP Worldwide UID Team

If you wish to contribute, fork this project, make some changes, and create a pull request.

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Quality Assurance and Accessibility

All patterns, layouts, and functionality are tested against our supported browsers. We also look for accessibility issues via automated and manual testing tools. TMP is committed to the accessibility of its websites and products and strives to meet as much of WCAG 2.0 Level AA as possible. If you discover any problems with our work, please open up an issue and let us know about it or contact Michael Spellacy.

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