Site Admin Helper: Browser Plugins

Site Admin Plugins

An interim effort to dealing with some of the issues within the Site Admin tool. Visit the repository to learn more or download now.

Installation Instructions

These install instructions are currently only for Chrome. Firefox support will be coming soon.

  1. Either clone this GitHub repo, or download it.
  2. Open up Chrome and fire up the extensions window.
  3. Enable Developer Mode
  4. Drag the CHROME-TB-Helper folder into the extensions window.
  5. Enjoy!

Current Features

  • Page Edit: New Module Button
  • Vanity URL for External Page in Page List
  • Clone Full Theme
  • Text Editor Emmet Plugin. Use Tab to convert code . See Demo Has been disabled for now due to not working and causing an issue on Macs
  • SVG preview in Assets page
  • Link in console to Company Level of TB you are on
  • Link in console to site level of the TB you are on
  • Search dropdown styles edited to be more readable
  • Typeable Search dropdown functionality replicated from company dropdown to site dropdown
  • Chrome Popup with Useful Links and Lists to Company and Site level of page
  • Preview Sites Settings Page now has a clickable RunMyTests domain when one has been applied
  • Disabled browser autocomplete on company search
  • Fixed issue with Add Preview site dropdown


The TMP Worldwide UID Team

If you wish to contribute, fork this project, make some changes, and create a pull request.

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Quality Assurance and Accessibility

All patterns, layouts, and functionality are tested against our supported browsers. We also look for accessibility issues via automated and manual testing tools. TMP is committed to the accessibility of its websites and products and strives to meet as much of WCAG 2.0 Level AA as possible. If you discover any problems with our work, please open up an issue and let us know about it or contact Michael Spellacy.

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